Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nick Redfern

New from CFZ Press, the second book in our acclaimed series of Fortean anthologies. In this volume Nick Redfern remembers his misspent youth and presents anecdotes from a long career of causing Fortean mischief. He also presents pieces of his writing from various times over the past three decades with notes placing them into historical context. Of course, Nick being Nick, there are also quite a few smatterings of his inane humour.

The contents:

Introduction Zero-Hour: 1982/1983
Saucer Files Exposed: 1986
Fatherly Words: 1987
The Beckenham Ball of Light: 1990
MJ12: The FBI Connection: 1993
Unexplained Ground Marking and UFO Incident: 1995
UFOs over Staffordshire: 1996
The Rising of the Moon: 1997
A Close Encounter of the Literary Kind: 1997
The Secret Life of Errol Flynn: 1998
Unconventional Aircraft: 1998
Banned - The BBC and the Bomb: 1999
Another Gig, Another Planet: 1999/2000
Foot & Mouth - Conspiracy or Accident? 2001
The C-Files, 2000/2001
Satellites from the Skies: 2001
Mystery on the Mountain: 2001
Something for the Weekend: 2001
Mothman Lives: 2002
A Conference, a Camera, a Conspiracy: 2003
In Search of the Chupacabras - New Revelations: 2005
Enter the Dragon Hunter: 2005
At the Edge: 2006
Opening the Government’s X-Archive: 2006
The Strange Saga of the Hexham Heads: 2006
Happy Anniversary, Roswell UFO: 2007
Weirdness in the Woods: 2007
Did Aliens Invade Britain 50 Years Ago?: 2007
MJ12, UFOs and the FBI: 2007
Island of Paradise: 2008
An Alien Who’s Who: 2008
The Missing Chapter: 2008
Manipulating the Crashed UFO Scene: 2009
Conferences and Cultural Clashes: 2010
Contactees and the Absurdities of Ufology: 2010
Why Roswell Will Never Be Solved: 2010
The Strange Tale of the Cardiff Giant: 2010

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