Wednesday 29 August 2012


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  2. Re; Hilary Porter photo debunk:
    I am afraid James Mitchell is wrong... yes we know about the photographic numbers that printed through from the rear of these pictures... who cares about that?
    The point is that we have had these photographs examined by a professional analyst, a photographer who has worked for years at the Daily Mirror newspaper, and who still uses old school photography and developing in preference to digital, and when he examined these images he said that the mystery figure was beyond explanation, (even the babies' eyes are looking directly at it), it is not a reflection, an illusion, double negative or chemical run as many sceptics would have us believe - but something that is totally inexplicable.
    Incidentally, the 'flow' from the woman's fingertips joins directly to the next shot where the phantom is; and if it helps to convince you this lady was also known for her mediumistic abilities and we believe that these are spirit energies.
    John Hanson, I am amazed at how you allowed this to be debunked and note also how Hilary's picture is not even present on the site, (if it ever was), or linked.

    Ken Parsons